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Hiring An Experienced Suffolk DWI Attorney

Hiring a Suffolk County DWI Lawyer is an important step. A DWI attorney in Suffolk County with experience in the local Suffolk Courts such as the Cohalan Court in Central Islip is invaluable. Most of us would understand at this point, after being arrested and processed, that being charged with a DWI driving while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs in Suffolk County, New York is a serious matter. Retaining the services of a Suffolk County DWI defense law firm will be a start. With recent changes in New York State DWI laws, you can permanently lose your license or privilege to drive, you can have your vehicle seized and you could receive a criminal record. Of course, you could also spend time in the Suffolk County jail. Knowledgeable and experienced DWI Lawyers in Suffolk County can help.  

The point is, any decisions you make at this very critical stage might have long term consequences if you do not have the expert guidance of experienced Suffolk County DWI Lawyers. In New York State, permanent means permanent. There is no legal avenue for expungement of a criminal record from a Suffolk County DWI conviction. The guidance of an experienced Suffolk County DWI defense law firm is invaluable. For example, with the advice of a Suffolk DWI lawyer who has experience in all courts, including the Central Islip First District Court, our DWI lawyers may be able to save your license or perhaps obtain with permission from the court, a conditional license to drive to and from work. One of our DWI attorneys can request a hearing in front of a Judge in any Suffolk County Court and ask that your vehicle be returned to you pursuant to a Suffolk County Vehicle seizure request. Of course, an experienced Suffolk County DWI attorney will know how to negotiate with the office of the Suffolk County District Attorney to gain a positive plea or disposition of your case.  


Our goal is very simple: protect your rights during this difficult process, but to educate you on exactly what to expect in the coming weeks and months. Our Suffolk County DWI lawyers and attorneys will evaluate your individual case and then explain to you what it all means. We will guide you and support you as well as answer all of your questions along the way. That means, there are no charges for phone calls to any one of our experienced DWI attorneys in Suffolk County.

Finally, you should know all of our DWI lawyers in Suffolk County are skilled DWI trial attorneys seasoned as prosecutors in the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, as well as decades of defending DWI cases at trial with successful results. These are just a few of the reasons why you should speak with a Suffolk County DWI lawyer with the background that we possess in DWI cases about your driving while intoxicated case.   


Much will depend on what you have been charged with. Typically, if you have been charged with DWI in Suffolk County, it will fall under NYS Vehicle and Traffic law section 1192.2 and 1192.3. This means you have submitted to a breath test with results of .08% or higher and below .18%. (BAC .18% or higher is Aggravated DWI) The first goal is to insure that you are released after your arrest. That is why it is important to have a Suffolk DWI attorney at your side at your arraignment. Additionally, the court in Suffolk County will suspend your driving privileges pending the prosecution of your case. Practically speaking, it could take many months to prepare and defend your DWI case. We will immediately file a request with the court to ask for a "Hardship Hearing" to obtain a conditional license, usually within a few days of your arrest.  

Of course, this is a very brief overview of what is typically the most common form of DWI arrest in Suffolk County. It is also possible you may have been charged with a "DWI Refusal" in Suffolk County. New York State has an "implied consent' law, meaning you are required to submit to a breath, urine or blood test at the request of a police officer if the officer has probable cause to belive you may be under the influence of alchol or drugs. You are entitled to a Suffolk County DWI Refusal Hearing at the Department of Motor Vehicles. You could however lose your privilege to drive for a year or longer. In fact, its possible you may not qualify for a hardship license or a conditional license during this revocation period. This is just one more reason why you should have the guidance of a DWI lawyer experienced in handling Suffolk County DWI refusal cases.  

Finally, depending on your background and the circumstances particular to your arrest, the individual situation you find yourself in can be infinitely more complicated. You could be charged with Driving While Ability Impaired by Drugs under section 1192.4. If you have a prior conviction for DWI within the past 10 years in Suffolk County or elsewhere, you might find yourself charged with a Felony DWI in Suffolk County. The allegation may involve the presence of children in your vehicle and you would be charged with a Felony DWI under the newly enacted New York State  "Leandra's Law". The DWI laws in Suffolk County New York are serious. Speak with an experienced Suffolk County DWI attorney about your Suffolk County DWI case. The consultation is free. The advice is priceless.  




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